Administrative Roles and Functions


2011 – 2012








Nicole Saginor



School Improvement

Grant Director

District Level


Purpose: to oversee all functions of the St. Johnsbury School District and guide its overall direction, and is accountable directly to the St. Johnsbury School Board

Primary function: Support, provide guidance, and supervise the administrative team to ensure that essential functions are carried out in compliance with all state and federal laws, regulations, and utilize our most current knowledge of best practices for teaching and learning with concern for all adults and students in the district


1)    CEO-Carry out Board policies; advise Board;

2)    Responsible for compliance with laws and rules;

3)    Provide formal reports for Commissioner;

4)    Identify educational goals with staff;

5)    Hire all non-licensed personnel;

6)    Meet with final licensed candidates; make final reference checks; nominate all licenses candidates to Board;

7)    Supervise all District administrators, two Principals, and Technology Coordinator;

8)    Budget with all administrators;

9)    Contract negotiations with Board;

10)  Prepare CFP with all administrators;

11)  Truancy.


1)    Chair School Improvement Grant team;

2)    SIG application and grant writing

3)    Ensure compliance with state and federal rules;

4)    ViiM – District representative;

5)    Support mentors;

6)    Supervise after-school program.


1)    Budget preparation and presentation

2)    Public relations

3)    Grant-writing








Deb Sanders-Dame

Director of Student Support Services

District Level

Purpose: to oversee all programs related to all special services for students who are the responsibility of the St. Johnsbury School District, accountable directly to the Superintendent and the St. Johnsbury School Board

Primary function: provide direction, assistance, and supervision to all faculty and staff providing special services to students who qualify, ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations as well as alignment with current best practices


1)    Special education compliance: 

2)    IDEA-B grants;

3)    Special education teachers – evaluations/programs/professional development;

4)    Special ed paraeducators;

5)    504 procedures/compliance;

6)    Homeless designation/vouchers;

7)    OT/SLP/PT evaluator;

8)    Out-of-District placements;

9)    Medicaid: billing, generating revenue, and expenditure;

10)  SEER; (Report to State)

11)  High school students;

12)  ESL/ELL Programming;

13)  EEI grant re: 3-year-olds;

14)  Psychologist/Home-School Coord.;

15)  Kindergarten and Pre-K transition classes – summer;

16)  Paper work/reports pertaining to Pre-K.


1)    Paraeducator professional development;

2)    Substitutes – emergency placements when short;

3)    Truancy for special ed students;

4)    Assignment of office/classroom spaces for special education programs;

5)    Special Ed. Residency;

6)    Summer School.



Kathy Ducharme

Business Manager

District Level


Purpose: to oversee all fiscal functions and services of the St. Johnsbury School District, accountable directly to the Superintendent and the St. Johnsbury School Board

Primary Function: responsible for maintaining accurate financial records, provide timely and accurate information to the School District, the State, and Federal entities, ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations

To oversee and supervise the functions of the business office, including but not limited to budget preparation, payroll, accounts payable, and contract costs, and to serve as a member of the administrative team to provide guidance in all fiscal matters.


1)    Supervise District Business Office procedures and personnel;

2)    Financial controls;

3)    Financial reports: SEER, grants, Department of Education, Department of Labor, etc.

4)    Financial procedures: forms, flow of responsibility;

5)    Final budget preparation;

6)    Contract preparation and control.

1)    Special ed service plan with Director of Student Support Services;

2)    CFP/SIG grants with Superintendent;

3)    Budget preparation with all administrators;

4)    Staff placement, hiring, firing, leaves with all administrators;

5)    Purchase orders and all purchases with all administrators;









Bernice Burroughs

Principal for General Operations

 Building Level


Purpose: to oversee the climate and behavior management systems and general operations of the St. Johnsbury School, responsible directly to the Superintendent and accountable to the St. Johnsbury School Board

Primary function: provide authority, enforcement, accountability, consistency, and follow- through supervision of personnel dedicated to all behavioral and climate structure functions to help make teachers, staff, and students feel safe on a day to day basis


1)    Behavior and climate

2)    School closings

3)    Assignment of teacher duties

4)    Student attendance;

5)    Supervision of faculty and staff members: Healthy Schools: guidance, nurses, behavior coach, student support centers, food service, maintenance, athletic director;

6)    Fire drills/evacuations;

7)    Emergency Handbook;

8)    Parent/Student Handbook;

9)    Schedules

10)  Assignment of office/classroom space

11)  Substitutes (hiring);

12)  PIRC (Parent Involvement Committee)

13)  Farm-to-School Grant;

14)  Fresh Fruit and Veggies Program grant;

15)  Budget for general supplies and healthy schools;

16)  Lost and Found.



















1)    ViiM (PBIS).



Martha Dubuque

Principal for Instructional Programs

Building Level


Purpose: to serve as the instructional leader of the St. Johnsbury School and oversee all academic and instructional functions, responsible directly to the Superintendent and accountable to the St. Johnsbury School Board

Primary function: To provide leadership, authority, consistency, and supervision for all activities aimed at delivering academic excellence and equity for all teachers and students as informed by current best practice, and ensure compliance with assurances required by state guidelines


1)    Supervise and evaluate classroom, support, and U/Arts teachers;

2)    Supervise regular education paras;

3)    Supervise work of academic consultants;

4)    Develop academic curriculum;

5)    Align curriculum, instruction, and assessment;

6)    Supervise instructional data analysis;

7)    Plan professional development for teachers (then keep others informed);

8)    Action planning

9)    Oversee day-to-day substitute issues;

10)  Continuum of interventions and EST process;

11)  High quality research-based instructional strategies, first level of access/teaching;

12)  PTO

13)  Instructional budget.


1)    ViiM (Literacy);

2)    Plan professional development for paras;